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The PrivateTraining Institute, INFOHAS specializing in the initial training of a cabin crew (air hostess and steward) is accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Education and Professional training under n°13/DFPP/K0183/70, as well officially licensed by the Moroccan Civil Aviation authority under N°CN-F20/2013, offers training for the sector of tourism and airline industry. INFOHAS, to share his experience and professionalism as every year hundreds of graduates capable of integrating the work market.To date thousands of recruits, flight attendants and stewards are our graduates.
Infohas is a leading aviation and hospitality training Institute. We are proud or our achievements, gaining worldwide recognition for excellence since our inception in 1996. The Growth of travel and tourism sector around the world. The Institute will serve an important role fulfilling the demand for talented individuals to take their place in diverse aviation roles throughout the hospitality sector in Morocco and around the world.

Why Infohas ?

Leader in the field, INFOHAS, meet national and international requirements.
  • 1Experience

    The INFOHAS experience is 18 years of graduates able to meet international demand. This experience has installed a distinct culture that permeates our values and our behaviour induced in the management of our students and our animation process.

  • 2Professionalism

    Over the years, INFOHAS has adapted to the professionalism required in the field through effective environmental monitoring. Therefore, our training adapts to the development of a target market.

  • 3Quality

    INFOHAS delivers quality training. The cabin crew is the showcase for the company; it provides the link between travelers and the company. INFOHAS through training quality, provides a professional staff.

  • 4Safety

    Within the air hostess or steward job, the rules of safety are paramount. INFOHAS train students to be qualified and able to cope in such situations.

The reasons to join-us

On behalf of our entire team, we invite you to experience the cabin crew training at the Institute Infohas. Our school is a place, which is modern in its thinking yet benefiting from a very long experience of tradition. Infohas has more than 18 years of teaching experience- and institution rich in tradition, yet vital, modernistic and dynamic in its approach. Our school has trained thousands of students who are currently working as flight attendant, ground staff in the world’s most prestigious airline companies. At the Institute, we are combining proven and constantly updated academic methodology with comprehensive practical facilities providing students with a unique insight into the aviation and hospitality businesses from the ‘inside out’. We aim to provide our students with an atmosphere conducive to hard work and application within an environment, which is relaxed, open, spontaneous and communicative.We will apply a truly international approach – teaching cultural sensitivity, tolerance and appreciation of diverse tradition, values and social nuance. An exciting career in a growing industry as the aviation and tourism sector can open doors in the most fascinating, demanding and rewarding arenas. With their internationally recognised degree, many graduates of Infohas immediately recruited by in the biggest and best airlines. The Infohas Institute is 18 years of history in the service of aviation training in Morocco, to establish itself as a leading player in the field of aviation training, maritime and tourism career. Appreciated by the airlines for the quality of its training, our Institute has developed early in its history very close partnerships with all the major airlines of these strong growth sectors

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